Building Infrastructure Replacement Services


Alexandria, VA

Company Overview:

SageWater is a provider of plumbing infrastructure replacement and repiping services focused on the multi-family condo and apartment building market. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, SageWater has repiped more than 100,000 occupied multi-family residential units, replacing over 35 million feet of pipe in apartment complexes, condominiums, and office buildings since 1988. The Company provides a differentiated approach by enabling units to remain occupied throughout the pipe replacement process. SageWater’s turnkey in-house plumbing, drywall and painting services ensure a seamless workflow, top-notch quality control, and strict adherence to scheduled timelines. With nationwide coverage through its hub-and-spoke model and a dedicated emphasis on resident and property management communications, SageWater is the go-to provider for pipe replacement services in the multi-family market, particularly in challenging environments.

Investment Status:

Active. Seeking add-on acquisitions to expand service capabilities to current customer base or expand geographic presence.

Transaction Type:

Minority Recapitalization

Transaction Overview:

Boyne supported the recapitalization of the SageWater led by the CEO/co-founder. Boyne invested alongside Grindstone Partners to acquire a stake in the Company to support SageWater in pursuing numerous growth initiatives and potential acquisitions.