Boyne Capital Partners Acquires Amerifactors Financial Group, Inc.

MIAMI, FL – (April 30, 2007) Boyne Capital Partners, LLC (“Boyne”) announced that it has acquired a majority stake in AmeriFactors Financial Group, Inc. (“Amerifactors” or the “Company”).

AmeriFactors Financial Group, Inc. (“AmeriFactors” or the “Company”) is a non-recourse factoring company headquartered in Celebration, Florida (just outside Orlando).  The Company, founded in 1990 by Kevin Gowen, provides clients with customized accounts receivable programs, invoice bookkeeping and credit verification services.  AmeriFactors currently employs 29 people servicing approximately 150 clients through five offices located throughout the Southeast (Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Nashville).  Most clients are small companies with high working capital requirements that typically cannot be met through traditional bank financing.  The Company does not have material customer or industry concentration.

AmeriFactors offers primarily non-recourse factoring and outsourced accounts receivable functions to small, typically faster growing companies with high working capital requirements.  AmeriFactors also appeals to businesses that seek to outsource their entire accounts receivable function in order to eliminate bad debts, accounts receivable and credit personnel and the stress of having to manage receivable cash flows.  Some of the Company’s largest clients have left banking relationships in favor of completely outsourcing accounts receivable personnel and responsibilities.  The Company services clients in a wide variety of industries in smaller Southeastern markets.

AmeriFactors differentiates itself through its expertise, competitive rates and personal service.  Company salespeople are comprised of former bankers who understand the requirements and restrictions of traditional bank financing and can accurately convey the benefits of factoring.  Business incentives include complimentary cost benefit analyses versus bank financing, promotional fixed-rate fees, real time online reports for clients and guaranteed funds within four hours for clients.  New clients are generally approved in less than 48 hours.  In addition, salespeople meet with their clients generally once every week to review operations, offer assistance and monitor client performance.  Having local sales representatives in markets where AmeriFactors conducts business allows the Company to maintain a close watch on current clients and better establish the validity of prospective clients, which greatly reduces the chances of fraud, the most prevalent risk to any factoring operation.

About Boyne Capital Partners, LLC:

Boyne Capital Partners is a Miami, FL based private equity firm.  Co-founders Derek McDowell and Jim Malone have decades of knowledge in diversified industries including professional services businesses and companies servicing government clients.  Boyne Capital Partners creates shareholder value by providing capital and management assistance to lower middle market companies. Boyne currently manages over $70 million of equity capital.